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If you're looking for ways to create a warm and welcoming entry to your home or through your yard, there are numerous materials that can be used in walkways, and a variety of style choices as well. One common thought is that the material in your walkway should match the material on your house, for symmetry in construction. Some popular materials include brick pavers, flagstone, concrete and even wood.

Of course creating a walkway is more than just deciding on the materials – there are design considerations as well, including plants and flower beds; lighting; trim and edging; width and how the path will be used (do you need to move rolling trash cans to the street from the backyard); and even how the path moves through your yard. Is it a straight path, or are curves used to create visual interest or to showcase your landscape. Do you want to incorporate seating areas, benches or water features?

Working with a landscape designer can help make sure you

get the most from your space, and create a walkway that is a joy to walk along. Here are some material options:

Brick Pavers

Walkways made of brick pavers have become all the rage in the sports world, where virtually every new or improved sporting facility has a section of pavers with the names of specific alumni on them. The paver craze has moved outside of the sports arena and in to homes, and even to some municipalities that want to replicate that charming, Norman Rockwell-esque feel. Pavers can create a warm environment and a natural feel.

Flagstone A flagstone pathway can be laid on a bed of gravel and sand, which is easier to have installed, and easier on the wallet. Be forewarned, though. The down side is that flagstone requires annual maintenance and can become slippery when wet. Flagstone is the perfect choice for a natural-looking walkway; however, if you're looking for permanence, consider setting it in concrete.

As always, spend time researching before making your final decision. Talk with a landscape designer who can help you consider how a walkway will compliment your home and yard, and a qualified installer who can create a pathway that will last for years to come. Contact us if you would like to see how a walkway can enhance your space, 757-412-1265.

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