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New Ideas for Old Swimming Pools

If you have a swimming pool, there’s a good chance it is more function than form. For years, swimming pools have been viewed as utilitarian – a place to swim, play, cool off and spend time with family and friends. The edges are practical, decking is designed for accessibility, and lighting focuses on safety, if it exists at all.

Today’s approach to swimming pools ensures they are an element in your overall landscape design. In fact, the term “poolscape” is now used to describe the area around a pool, and the transition zones from swimming to other parts of the yard or patio. The result is a swimming environment that is beautiful and functional, creating an enjoyable space that is part of the yard all year round.

Pool decking, surrounds, seat walls, waterfalls and other poolscape features help turn your pool, no matter what the age, in to a showpiece. Best of all, an effective landscape and poolscape design can make an aging pool feel new again.

Other poolscape features can include sitting walls, multiple levels for seating and relaxing, an outdoor fire pit and unique decking. Integrating the right plants into a design provides visual interest even in the off seasons, and waterfalls can provide relaxing sounds as well.

If you have a swimming pool, now is the perfect time to talk about updating the landscaping around the pool to create a more personal, comfortable space that can grow with you and your family. Function is important, but form is what really turns a pool into a showpiece!

Contact us today at 757-412-1265 to talk about your pool and yard. We love working with swimming pools and yards of all shapes and sizes. We invite you to visit our Poolscapes Gallery online, too. Click here to see a few examples of our work.

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