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Enhancements for Your Outdoor Additions

Pergolas, arbors or trellises: Whatever your preference, these unique garden accents add vertical beauty and dimension to your outdoor spaces. They add privacy and a touch of elegance to your outdoor landscape, and are also a great way to display your favorite climbing vines. Here are several of our favorite outdoor features that may be the perfect enhancement for your yard:


A pergola is a garden structure comprised of thick support columns and a roof of exposed rafters and beams. The roof can be covered or open-latticed. Pergolas are most often used to create a shaded outdoor walkway or quaint sitting area in which to relax and savor the open air. They can be freestanding or attached to a house or deck. An attached pergola with a flower- and vine-entwined trellis in place of a solid roof can allow you to extend your outdoor living space and enjoy shade, while still letting some light filter down.


Arbors are charming vertical structures that usually incorporate trellises to help support climbing plants and vines. Some arbors have an open framework, but often trellises are added to help plants attach more easily and give the arbor a more enclosed feel. Trellis work runs from one side to the other to create a tunnel-like structure that can be used for shade or privacy, or simply as an interesting focal point to your landscaping.

Fence-Top Trellises & Trellis Panels

If you have a standard wooden fence but would like a design that’s a little fancier, you can add a fence-top trellis to your fence panel. This will give your fence additional height for more privacy as well as some extra decoration. You can even replace entire fence panels with trellis panels. Latticework trellis panels can be part of the fence or stand on their own. Freestanding trellis panels can also be used as privacy screens; for example, a couple panels added to the corner of an open patio can create an intimate spot away from the eyes of neighbors.

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