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Welcoming Fall: Outdoor Living at Its Best!

Before you know it, summer will be winding down and crisp fall weather will arrive with its brightly colored leaves and shorter days in tow.

Your outdoor spaces do so much more than simply look good. They bring your family together. They offer the perfect sanctuary for a place to unwind after a long day. They are where you create memories with your loved ones to last a lifetime.

When you design your outdoor spaces with more than just spring and summer in mind, you extend the possibilities to relax, host and enjoy being outside.

Gather Around a Fire Pit.

Backyard fire pits have become a staple of many homes. These features can be artfully constructed to match the look and feel of the rest of your landscape, using stone, brick or a variety of other materials. Dreamscape Designers specializes in the design and construction of customized fire pits that will become everyone's favorite place to hang out! There is nothing quite like gathering around a fire pit on a brisk fall evening with your favorite people.

Add Some Light.

Bring warmth, security and ambiance to your yard by adding strategically placed lighting elements. Lighting gives you the ability to highlight your favorite parts of your outdoor design, from water features, flags, ornaments or foliage. Outdoor lighting also helps to keep your home secure when you return home after dark once the days start to get shorter.

Fall Weather is More Mild.

People often think of summer as the best time to enjoy their patios and outdoor spaces, but sometimes it may simply be too hot to enjoy our yards during the summer. This is why your outdoor projects can really shine in the autumn months; you can comfortably enjoy relaxing or hosting guests even in the middle of the day, and carry the fun into the evening with fire pits and outdoor seating.Take advantage of our moderate coastal climate and soak up the opportunity to enjoy being outdoors all year long with the proper outdoor arrangement!

Start those outdoor living projects now to extend the functional use of your yard long after the summer ends! Whether you have a specific upgrade in mind, or want some direction for a whole landscape overhaul, give Dreamscape Designers a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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