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Mid-Year Resolutions: Spruce Up Your Home

If you have had some lingering guilt over those New Year’s resolutions that never happened, you’re not alone. Instead of waiting until January to start over, why not resolve to reassess your goals and start now? That way you can begin the

second half of the year with a clear conscience, and you just might get some of those projects on your list knocked out. If you need inspiration, here are some ideas of home improvement projects that are great for summertime.

  • Install a storm door. With all the heat and humidity that comes with summertime, as well as the thunderstorms, now is a good time to install an attractive new storm door, especially if your exterior door is made of wood. Storm doors do a great job of protecting your main doors from the wind and weather, while also allowing for natural light.

  • Expand your landscaping. If the only things gracing the front of your home are cobwebs, it’s time to invest in some new landscaping. Plant some colorful flowers and shrubs, and lay down a fresh layer of mulch. Even if you can’t do more than hanging baskets or flowerpots on the porch, the greenery and lively colors will do a lot to brighten things up.

  • Upgrade your siding. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update the exterior of your home is by replacing lackluster siding. Not only will your home look newer, but replacement siding requires very little maintenance and should last for at least 25 years. You can also choose siding with foam backing for added insulation, or invest in fiber cement siding, which can be painted or stained if you want to change the look of your home in the future.

  • Slap on some paint. Painting the interior – or the exterior – of your home is an easy DIY project that will perk up your home’s appearance and make everything look fresh and new. It’s also something you can handle yourself, though you can speed things up by recruiting the help of a few friends and family members who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

If you want to go a little more in-depth with your landscape planning than a few flowers and shrubs, Dreamscape Designers Landscape Company is the place to call. We have been creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients for years, and have the experience to do the same thing for you. Just give us a call at 757-412-1265 for a free consultation and estimate on your project.

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