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Upgrading Your Pool Space

Now that it’s April, thoughts of winter are long gone, as if it were never here. Spring break has passed and we are looking forward to summer, which means it’s time to get your pool ready for swimming season again.

While having your own pool is one of the best parts of summer, laying poolside can become mundane when the rest of your yard lacks excitement. Smaller additions to your backyard can help upgrade your pool space, extending its use to activities beyond swimming and sunbathing, and even create a luxury experience. Here are a few of our favorite upgrades:

  1. Seat walls: Adding a seat wall to your pool area creates the perfect spot to enjoy a book or drink on a hot summer day. You won’t have to worry about balancing on a pool float or sitting on a hot surface to stick your feet in the water, making your pool a more usable area on days you want to cool off but don’t feel like swimming.

  2. Water Features: We’ve written about the benefits of water features before, and that’s because we believe they can add value and relaxation to any home. However, when you ask our designers about customizing water features around your pool, you’ll find that waterfalls also create another level of fun for summertime swimming!

  3. Landscaping: If you have the pool but want more privacy or to escape the feel of suburbia, enhanced landscaping can do the trick. Our team brings years of expertise to the design and install, and you will be amazed at the possibilities. You’ll feel more like you’re swimming in a natural spring, and less like the neighbors are watching and ready to invite themselves over for a quick dip.

If you’re ready to upgrade your pool space for ultimate relaxation and fun, give the experts at Dreamscape Designers a call at (757) 412-1265 to find out how we can transform your backyard.

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