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Finding the Perfect Backyard Features

Summer is finally here! After a long spring full of rain, flowers are blooming and everything is green - which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy your backyard.

Whether it’s a big garden to attract lots of birds and a shady spot for activities, or just a simple, quiet place to sit and relax by the pool, every homeowner has their own backyard preferences. The right designer is prepared to work with you through the process to create the perfect backyard, but it’s always a good plan to go into a project with some inspiration and an idea of what will make your space perfect. Here are a few considerations to make:

  1. How much time will you spend in your backyard? If you’re a busy person who just spends a few moments in the morning outside to drink your coffee, you probably won’t need a huge outdoor kitchen. If you’re the type of person who wants to spend every available moment outdoors, you might be interested in a shaded outdoor living space with more amenities.

  2. How many people will you accommodate? An outdoor living space or seating area can be large enough to provide seating for an entire dinner party, or small enough to fit just the family. Think about whether you’ll be hosting events in your new space, or keeping it cozy to decide what type of outdoor living space is for you.

  3. What is your style? Outdoor living spaces, seating areas, landscaping, fire pits and poolscapes are customizable. Talk with our experts to help figure out your exterior design style.

  4. Rain or shine? If you love being outside and want to be able to use your backyard, rain or shine, talk with one of our designers about different outdoor living space options. If you prefer grilling in the sun and want no coverage at all, our team can help your seating area or fireplace blend seamlessly into your existing features!

If you’re ready to finally have the backyard you deserve, give the experts at Dreamscape Designers a call at (757) 412-1265 today to find out about the services we offer to help transform homes.

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