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Mid-Year Check In

July is here, which means we are officially halfway through the year! By now, most people have forgotten their goals for 2018, or given up on them completely – and we’re here to remind you! Nobody wants to end the year without completing a few of these challenging milestones, especially when it comes to living comfortably in your home and having the space you dream of and deserve.

If you’re planning your summer cookouts, or have been spending any time in your backyard this summer and haven’t been impressed with the way it looks or feels, now is a great time to finally get started on those resolutions. School is out, so if you have children, you’re finally free from school drop-offs, after-school activities and weekend soccer games. It also means that you’ll want to spend time together enjoying your new outdoor spaces before school is back in session! Waiting until the end of summer means although you’ll have completed your goals for the year, you won’t have much time left to enjoy them in warm weather!

Take a look at the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Did you want a complete overhaul of your yard with a new poolscape, outdoor living space, expanded landscaping and a new design? Did you just want to spruce things up and create a more visually appealing backdrop to your outdoor activities? Ask yourself if you still have these same goals in mind – perhaps your backyard has since served new functions and you need to change you plans a bit!

We know that summer is for relaxing and yard work isn’t fun, which is why the Dreamscape Designers team is ready to do the work for you! Completing your goals this year is manageable task with us on your side, and we can transform your yard into the one you’ve always dreamed of, while making sure you get to enjoy it before it’s too late in the year. Give us a call at (757) 412-1265 to find out about the services we offer to help transform landscaping.

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