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5 Tasks to Complete Before Fall

If you’ve been following our blog or social media, you’ve probably read our articles on how to prepare your yard for Fall and Winter. September is the perfect month to get started, before it gets too chilly and you become too busy during the holiday season. Completing tasks like weeding, pruning, mowing and aerating, winterizing your pool and draining water features means that you’ll be stress free about your yard on the first cold day of the season and come spring, your lawn will be healthier than ever. But what about the tasks that will help your home shine through the whole season?

Here are 5 tasks to complete before fall:

  1. Repairs and renovations. Do you have an old walkway that is falling apart or rotting, or cracked pavers on your patio? Damaged spots around your home can make it appear uninviting, and can even be dangerous! If you plan on having people over through the holiday season, it’s time to make these repairs.

  2. Pressure washing. With the amount of rain and humidity we had in Virginia this Summer, your home and deck may have seen better days. It’s time to pressure wash that mildew and grime away before it’s too cold out!

  3. Check your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause a mess for your home, and can be a big issue as leaves begin to fall. Be sure to check again throughout the season.

  4. Move items to storage. Your grill and lounge chairs have served you well all summer, and putting them in storage protected from the elements will extend their life and keep your yard looking nice during Fall and Winter.

  5. Decide what didn’t work. Do you have plants that didn’t do so well this Summer? Did your landscaping end up getting in the way of everyday activities? Assess the plants that aren't doing well in your space and make room for what will work.

If you are ready to make your Fall easier, it’s time for a landscape makeover from Dreamscape Designers. Not only will you have a perfectly manicured lawn, we can also help you design an amazing outdoor space just right for you. To find out more about this opportunity, give us a call today at 757-412-1265.

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