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Utilize Your Space

Too often, homeowners face their wide, empty backyard and aren’t sure what to do with all the space. While a big yard can be great for kids, it means that you are missing out on a big area of your home that can be great for socializing, outdoor dinners and fun fall nights.

If you currently have an empty backyard, look at it as an opportunity, or a blank slate with room for every feature you’ve always wanted. With a little help and planning, you can transform your space into multiple destinations, each with their own purpose! For example:

  • If you have a screened porch or a small deck, you can extend the space with patio pavers to allow more room for socializing, outdoor dinners or cozy nights by the fire. If you don’t have a covered porch, you can add an outdoor living space to enjoy time outside even on days when the weather isn’t great.

  • Through seating walls, decorative arches, pathways and selective use of trees and shrubs, a wide open space can be re-imagined into defined areas – a reading nook, a gardening shed or a place to watch the sunset over the water – all with pleasing accents, lighting and other features to transform your space into something magazine-worthy.

  • Use paved walkways and landscaping to connect all of your defined areas and bring nature back to your home. If you like, you can keep each area private from the others, while avoiding too much activity on your grass or tracking mud into your home.

  • Help your pool blend naturally into your yard and create a more adult environment with pool decking, surrounds, seat walls, waterfalls and other features. When placed near your outdoor kitchen, fire pit and televisions, you’ll never want to go inside!

If you’re ready to transform your empty yard and utilize your space, give the experts at Dreamscape Designers a call at (757) 412-1265 today to find out about the services we offer to help transform homes.

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