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Bring Functional Hardscaping To Your Backyard

With another short spring in the books for Virginia, the weather has warmed up nicely and it’s time to spend afternoons and weekends outdoors enjoying the sun. This may also mean your backyard needs a makeover to handle more activity. When considering the design of your backyard, there are several important factors - aesthetic continuity from the inside of the home, creating the perfect color scheme with flowers and plants, and achieving a balance between form and function. It’s particularly common for functional areas like walkways, indoor/outdoor living structures, and more to end up looking plain in comparison to the rest of the outdoor space. This is where expert hardscaping comes in.

Here are 3 ways to use hardscaping to beautify traditionally uninteresting outdoor elements:

1. Spruce up your pool space with interesting materials and custom design.

On a hot summer day, your pool and the surrounding area may be the most important feature in your backyard – but does it look great? Blend your pool space into the rest of your backyard by transforming it with seat walls and surrounds.

2. Soften the look and feel of walkways with stone.

If you use your backyard frequently, your patio and walkways experience a lot of wear and tear. Many homeowners stick with brick for the stairs and patios for function, but stone pavers (available in a variety of unique colors) are just as durable with even more character and pizzazz. They are also easier on bare feet for those warm summer days and nights that call for enjoying the outdoors with no shoes!

3. Cover the patio.

If you have a sizable patio, one of the smartest choices you can make is to install a pergola. Pergolas serve as both features of visual interest (especially when covered with vines or climbing flowers) and year-round protection for outdoor furniture. They are also effective at segmenting outdoor space in a way that makes the whole space feel bigger.

The greatest benefit of functional hardscaping is that it requires infrequent maintenance—a good solution for homeowners who want to focus more on enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintain them.

The experts at Dreamscape Designers can transform any boring, bland yard into a luscious and relaxing outdoor space. Give us a call at (757) 412-1265 to learn more about the services we offer.

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