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When Is It Time to Call The Experts?

With any home task, there is a point in which you may realize that you can’t handle it on your own, or that it’s time to finally spend your summer relaxing and bring in the professionals. While you might have always been able to fix something on your own in the past, maybe you’re finally ready to just hand off the hard work to someone else. Or perhaps you’ve reached the point where the situation requires just a bit more experience than you have. The same can be said for your lawn!

Deciding to hand your lawn over to the professionals depends entirely on your personal lifestyle and the goals you have for your home. Ask yourself these questions:

How much time and work do I want to put into my landscaping?

Some homeowners love spending an entire weekend outside in the flower beds, while others prefer to enjoy the beauty of a well-landscaped yard without ever picking up a pair of shears. If you’d rather spend your time relaxing, playing golf or spending quality time with your family, it may be time for you to ask about landscaping services from a professional for a lower-maintenance look that will still make heads turn.

With the right landscape design and installation, your weekly maintenance can be significantly reduced, too.

Can I achieve the look I want for my home on my own?

Maybe you’re willing to put in the work when it comes to maintenance, but if you’re working with a blank slate or starting over after moving, adding new landscaping or an outdoor living space is a tough effort to take on alone. If you have a vision for your home, you shouldn’t settle for less – a professional can help you get the look you want in a much faster time span.

Remember, when it comes to landscaping, hardscaping and other elements of your lawn, calling the experts doesn’t just mean getting faster results. It also ensures a quality job in which careful choices and considerations are made to make sure your yard thrives in your local environment stays in great shape for longer.

If you’re ready to call in the professionals so you can reclaim your weekends AND have the yard you’ve always wanted, give the experts at Dreamscape Designers a call 757-412-1265 or e-mail us at

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