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We Are Thankful...For You!

As we near the end of 2019, the Dreamscape Designers team is reflecting on the past year. November is the month for giving thanks, and we can’t let it end without expressing our thanks to the most important people we work!

Thank you to each and every client who has trusted us with their home and landscaping, providing us with a canvas to express our creativity and do what we do best. We have enjoyed working alongside every person and family, hearing your ideas and helping to bring them to life to make our local communities more vibrant and beautiful. Here are a few things we are most appreciative for this year:


Many of our clients come to us with existing landscaping that has become overgrown, or is simply too much for them to manage. Transforming a space doesn’t always mean adding to it - sometimes it means downsizing to make life easier, or updating areas that have begun to wear away to enjoy your space once more. For example, we loved this project that involved expanding an existing patio to give the area a facelift:


Of course, we are always excited to bring new life to a home by adding landscaping or hardscaping to an area that was once bare. It’s what you bring to a house that makes it a home, and colorful, vibrant flowers and trees can be incredibly welcoming. Meanwhile, seating areas and outdoor fireplaces can bring the whole family together for quality time. Helping our clients create a space that will be the backdrop of lasting memories is what brings us joy.

We at Dreamscape Designers hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to our next exciting projects. If you’re ready to transform your space for the new year, give us a call today at 757-412-1265 or e-mail us at

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