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Year in Review: Our Favorite Landscaping Trends

Can you believe it’s December already? 2019 has flown by and we have had another great year working alongside our clients to bring new life to already wonderful homes. We never tire of creating beautiful landscaping that will bring joy for years to come. Landscaping trends have certainly evolved over the decade, and each year we see small changes in design choices that can have a big impact. Almost every industry saw a shift in customer focus this year, and we were no exception. Here are a few of our favorite trends from 2019:

Outdoor Living

Landscaping has always been a great way to make a house feel more like a home from the exterior. It helps set your house apart from your neighbors and makes visiting family and friends feel even more welcome. This year, more of your neighbors focused on getting outside and reaping the benefits of sunshine and fresh air. This means backyards are not only decorative, they also incorporate more family-friendly features like comfortable seating, outdoor fireplaces and even kitchens to help families spend more time outdoors together without leaving home.

Getting Involved

The coast of Virginia is a beautiful place full of interesting wildlife. We love seeing our clients express an interest in how their landscaping can better benefit them and the planet. Using native plants and protective design features can help you give back while keeping your home beautiful. We love the trend toward form and function, and so does Mother Earth!

Functional Landscaping

Can you have privacy for your home and backyard without building a large, unsightly fence? Yes! Your landscaping can serve multiple functions to keep your space private, your backyard shady and your lawn sectioned for different activities. We expect this trend to continue, using natural features over man-made materials.

Thank you to each of our clients who have helped make 2019 special. We look forward to seeing what trends emerge in 2020!

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