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Get Creative in 2020

The new year is here! As you think about your personal resolutions, it’s a great time to consider a few for your home as well - especially your backyard. If you have big plans to overhaul your outdoor space with new landscaping, seating areas and more, brainstorming is the first step. Check out these three ways to get creative with your outdoor design in 2020, and consult your landscaping team:

Use new shapes and materials

Your back patio and walkways don’t have to be boring concrete squares or rectangles. Create a brick circular seating area around a fire pit; draw the eye in with different patterns leading to your front door; or use a variety of materials to create sections and divide your space. The options are endless!

Consider color.

When you choose the varieties of plants and flowers for your lawn during different seasons, are you considering the color, too? Whether you enjoy keeping up with the Pantone color of the year, or want to match the decor inside your home, choosing a color scheme for your landscaping can give your home a picturesque that looks like it came right out of your favorite home magazines. Choose a solid color or a few that look good together, and talk to your landscaping company to see what will thrive in your area. A good designer can help you select plants and shrubs that will have color all year.

Stop and smell the roses.

You know what they say - looks aren’t everything! Another way to get creative with your backyard is to think about the sense of smell. What is better than walking past fresh blooming flowers as you leave for work in the morning, or having your Saturday cup of coffee outdoors with the smell of herbs catching in the breeze? Choosing flowers and shrubs with your nose can enhance your landscaping and how you enjoy your outdoor spaces.

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