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Put A Spring In Your Step with Artificial Turf This Season

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful yard, many homeowners spend the most time on the lawn itself. From cutting the grass to fertilizing seasonally and keeping weeds in check, it can seem like all your time spent outside is wasted with lawn maintenance. Even if someone else manages your lawn for you, the whole operation gets costlier over time. All of this AND the environmental costs of irrigation make it difficult for some to justify that beautiful green lawn.

The solution? Many homeowners are making the switch to synthetic lawns! Here are the top three reasons our clients give us for replacing their traditional lawns with artificial turf.

Pet-Proof Durability

If you have dogs or other pets that spend time outdoors, you know that they can do a number on a natural lawn by digging holes and wreaking similar havoc. One of the biggest pros of artificial lawns is their incredible durability and staying-power, no matter how rambunctious your pet. They are also safe from dig-happy visitors like gophers and moles, so you can rest easy no matter the season.

Perfectly Customizable

Artificial turf isn’t just for pets, and one of the bigger benefits is how much you can customize your space with synthetic grass. Use it for fun - mini golf or a soccer field, in areas for outdoor entertaining to avoid tracking dirt into your home, and in spaces that don’t see as much sunlight to keep your entire yard green and beautiful.

Water Saving Power

More and more, homeowners and renters are becoming conscious of how much water they use on a daily basis. Saving water with a synthetic lawn also means saving money, and spending less time on lawn care and maintenance. Keeping a natural lawn green requires a lot of water, but with a synthetic lawn, you get to keep your lawn and your wallet green.

Are you thinking of making your life easier and your yard more beautiful with a synthetic lawn? The experts at Dreamscape Designers can walk you through the options, the process, and the other landscaping/hardscaping services we offer that will make your outdoor spaces perfect for you!

Give us a call at (757) 412-1265 to learn more about the services we offer.

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