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Bring Shade to Your Backyard

No matter how mild the weather is outside, time spent outdoors can quickly become miserable and hot when the sun is beating down. A shady spot is the best form of outdoor heat relief, and having an area to cool off and relax in your own backyard during the summer months can make a big difference in how you enjoy your yard. Imagine enjoying some fresh air outside in the morning before work, and in the evenings that shady spot is the perfect place to wind down. Creating shade doesn’t have to be complicated, and even the most bare backyards become beautiful retreats. Check out these creative solutions for more shade:

Planting trees. Trees are nature’s ultimate way to keep us cool! They can be tough to come by in suburbs and cities, unless strategically placed to keep residents cool - and you can do the same. The tree you choose depends on the amount of shade you’d like, but canopy trees like Maple, River Birch or Cherry are popular choices for their wide-spreading branches and beauty. Talk with a local landscaping specialist to find out what varieties thrive in your area, provide the right amount of shade and won't become too large with growth.

Man-made shade. Adding a pergola or covered patio is another great option, that doubles as protection from inclement weather and allows you to spend more time outdoors. With the right materials and expert craftsmanship, a covered outdoor area can extend your living space, impress neighbors and increase your home’s value.

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