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Make Your Yard Less Spooky

Unless you’re using your own landscaping features to frighten your neighbors and mailman this Halloween, your yard shouldn’t be scary! Dead plants, overgrown trees and creepy, dark corners can quickly turn your home into one that looks like it is straight out of the horror movies you watch every October. Now that fall is near and the sun is setting sooner, check out these tips to make your yard less spooky, and more usable in every season:

Maintain Your Landscaping

With each season comes a set of outdoor tasks, depending how much maintenance your landscaping requires. Some plants may be beautiful and thriving during the summer months, but die off when temperatures drop. Trim trees, cut back shrubs and deadhead flowers to clean up your yard and help the fall colors shine.

Add Lighting

Before you know it, the sun will be setting right as you leave work for the day. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t come home and spend time in your backyard! Brighten your home and extend your outdoor time by adding outdoor lighting to the darker areas of your yard, and along paths and walkways. Instead of having dark, creepy corners at night, you’ll have a bright, beautiful space for outdoor hangouts in the crisp fall weather. Outdoor lighting can also aid with home security by increasing visibility around your property.

Repair Pavers

Unless you’re going for the “crumbling haunted castle” look, repairing and cracked or broken pavers can smooth out the look of your home’s exterior. Plus, getting this done before winter can help prevent bigger damage later after winter freeze-thaw cycles.

Whether you’re keeping your spooky landscaping until after Halloween, or planning an overhaul before the weather gets too cold, give us a call when you’re ready! The experts at Dreamscape are ready to help transform your home.

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