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Artificial Turf: A Dream Yard for Dog-Lovers

Dog owners know the value of a great outdoor space for their pet. It enables dogs to get the physical exercise and mental enrichment they need. Traditional lawns aren’t always the most dog-friendly, but artificial lawns are a great alternative for your pooch. Whether you have a huge lot, a small yard, or even a simple dog run, artificial turf offers many benefits for homeowners and pets. What can you gain by installing artificial turf in your yard?

  • A beautiful and resilient lawn. Traditional grass can take a beating with a dog in the yard. Urine and feces often cause grass to yellow over time. Artificial turf, however, is synthetic and maintains its lush green coloring regardless of how often your dog relieves itself. Bare spots and holes (dug courtesy of Fido) are no longer a worry with artificial turf.

  • A comfortable place for your dog to play. Artificial turf offers a soft surface for your fur-baby to run around or take a rest in the sun. For dogs with allergies, artificial turf can also help to keep their symptoms at bay.

  • No more muddy paws. You won’t have to dread rainy days anymore after installing an artificial turf yard. With no dirt, your dog won’t slosh around in dirty puddles or step in mud. You can let your dog straight in the house without having to towel off its paws.

  • Fewer fleas. Pests and bugs are less likely to live in artificial turf than traditional grass, reducing the risk that your dog will get fleas. This can save you money on treatments and trips to the vet. Your dog will thank you too!

  • No exposure to chemicals. New pet-specific artificial turf contains no lead or other chemicals that may be harmful to dogs. Artificial turf does not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers, so your dog won’t be exposed to these chemicals while rolling around the yard.

Artificial turf is a great option for dog owners who are want the best for their dog and their yard. Dreamscape Designers is your go-to source for all things artificial turf in the Virginia Beach area. Give us a call today at (757) 412-1265 to learn more about our artificial turf options.


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