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Artificial Turf: A Yard Fit for a Kid

Artificial turf lawns are a great investment for the entire family. While the low-maintenance aspects of artificial turf appeal to parents, the potential for play makes it a top choice among kids too. Many children prefer artificial turf over natural grass. Why?

  • Artificial turf feels better. Made of synthetic materials, artificial turf has a soft, fluffy feel to it. Kids can walk around barefoot, tumble with their friends, or enjoy a book on artificial lawns. Artificial grass is also a great choice to install under backyard playset; its shock-absorbing qualities mean fewer bumps and bruises from jumps or falls.

  • It reduces the amount of standing water in your yard. One of the most popular features of artificial turf is that it prevents puddles from forming in your yard. It also dries more quickly that natural grass. Kids can get right back outside to play after a rainstorm rather than having to wait for the ground to dry.

  • You have a sports field for the whole year. Whether your kids prefer football, baseball, soccer, or just playing tag, they’ll be able to keep the game going all year long with artificial turf. Artificial lawns maintain their color and consistency throughout the year, so you can say goodbye to dry, bare spots in the summer and hard, patchy grass in the winter. In addition, since there is no regular maintenance like there is with natural lawns, your kids won’t have to wait until the grass is cut or the fertilizer has been absorbed to play outdoors.

  • Artificial grass is better for allergies. If you or your child suffer from grass allergies, artificial turf is a helpful way to keep the sneezes, watery eyes and rashes at bay. With a synthetic yard, grass pollen is eliminated which allows kids to enjoy the outdoors even on high pollen count days.

  • It’s perfect for picnics. Since artificial turf is essentially-pest free, it makes a great spot for a picnic. Kids can gather their friends for a meal without having to worry about ants or other insects crashing the party.

Get your kids off the couch and outside in the fresh air by installing artificial turf in your yard. Call Dreamscape Designers today at (757) 412-1265 to learn more about installing artificial turf in your yard.


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