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Design With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass ensures that your lawn looks great even though overuse from foot traffic and outdoor activities, lawn furniture and pet spots. However, a bright, green lawn isn’t the only benefit - we also recommend artificial turf to our clients who want to get creative, because of its versatility. Here are five ways to get creative with artificial grass:

Ribbon Driveway

Want to increase the green space around the front of your home, improve drainage and create interesting lines without the maintenance? Artificial grass is the best option if you’re considering a ribbon driveway for your home but don’t want the extra upkeep that comes with it.

Between Pavers

Similarly to a ribbon driveway, artificial grass can be used between pavers on your patio, or throughout your backyard to prevent monotony and maintain a certain level of greenness. You can have a stunning mix of materials in your backyard, but won’t have to worry about tedious weeding between the pavers every few months. Artificial turf can also work well as natural steps or landings between vertical hardscape elements.

Just for Fun

Of course, one of the most common uses for artificial turf is for outdoor sport fields. The past year has been all about staying home, so why not bring the fun to you? Artificial turf can be used for your own personal putting greens, a mini-soccer field to practice at home, and more.

New Shapes

Creating new, interesting custom shapes in your yard with hardscaping and landscaping is easier than ever with artificial turf. If you have a section of your yard that you aren’t sure what to do with, a patch of always-green grass can instantly beautify the space, and artificial turf can be cut and placed in almost any shape, including on hills and sloped areas!

Shady Spaces

For side yards that don’t see much sun during the day, preventing plants and grass from growing well, you may be unsure of what landscaping will work best in those areas. Instead of covering the space completely with gravel or pavers, use artificial turf to keep the shady area lush and green, and maintain a softer feeling.

Dreamscape Designers specializes in creating beautiful backyards with synthetic grass that is kid-friendly for all of your favorite outdoor activities, urine-resistant so your pets can roam free, and can even design new areas for fun with putting greens and more. Give us a call today at (757) 412-1265 to find the solution that is right for your home and family.


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