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Drainage Problems? Put Your Landscaping to Good Use

Drainage is extremely important when it comes to landscaping. Without proper water run off solutions your yard will be a wet, mushy mess after it rains. In addition to installing dry wells, gutter drains, or French drains, there are a variety of natural landscaping options that can help keep your yard dry.

Add more plants.

Plants, bushes, trees…they all need lots of water, which can help reduce the amount of run off in your yard. Strategically place plants in areas that receive a lot of water to lessen the load. Some plants—like winterberry, blur flag iris, red-twig dogwood and others—absorb more water than others, making them top choices to help with drainage.

Use small rocks in planting beds.

Unlike mulch, a rock planting bed allows water to drain into the ground much more quickly. Rocks can stand the test of time, so this drainage solution should benefit your yard for years to come.

Install a dry creek bed.

If you can track the path of water through your yard after a rainstorm, consider adding a dry creek bed in the area. Made of river rocks or other small to medium sized stones, a dry creek bed directs water away from house without saturating your lawn. And it looks great too!

Create a pond or water garden.

You can also choose to embrace the water that your grass retains by creating a pond or a water garden in the low spot of your yard. A peaceful addition to your landscaping, ponds can be home to fish or to water-loving plants like water lilies, cattails, or water lettuce.

Address the grade.

Proper grading is essential for good drainage. If you have water problems, it may be that your grade needs to be adjusted. A landscape designer can help determine the ideal grade for your property and alter the ground as needed to ensure sufficient drainage.

Use grass block pavers.

Glass block pavers allow grass to grow in between them, which can help with water absorption into the ground. This can reduce erosion and localized flooding after big rainstorms. They are often used in driveways or in patio areas.

With more than 30 years of experience in the Hampton Roads area, Dreamscape Designers can help you solve the water problems in your yard either naturally or by installing drains. Contact us at (757) 412-1265 to speak with one of our landscape professionals today.


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