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How to Winterize Your Water Feature


  • Unplug the fountain. Take care to protect the cord and store it out of the elements.

  • Remove all water. Water left in fountains during the cold winter months is likely to freeze and crack your fixture.

  • Protect the fountain. Cover the fountain or bring it inside to prevent water from accumulating over the winter. Fountains can be covered with basic tarps or waterproof fountain covers.

  • Clean the water pump. Remove the pump from the fountain and soak it in a water and vinegar mixture. Run water through the pump until it is clear. Don’t forget to clean the tubing as well.

  • Store sensitive equipment inside. While many water circulation devices are able to continue working in the cold weather, others are not. Check your pumps and store them indoors if necessary.


  • Clear the pond. Remove all leaves from the pond and prune back surrounding plants. This is important as loose debris can clog the drains and harbor bacteria that is bad for plants and fish. Consider a pond net to keep leaves and debris out of the pond during the winter.

  • Clean the pump and filter. Just like with fountains, pond pumps and filters should be cleaned before winter arrives. Follow the same steps listed above.

  • Prepare for freezing. If you plan to leave your pond running over the winter, add a water heater or de-icer to prevent freezing. Waterfalls that lead to the pond should be shut off in the winter. If you choose to shut down the pond, remove the pump and bring it inside for the winter.

  • Protect fish. If you have fish or plants in your pond, keep them safe by adding an aerator. The aerator will provide oxygen through a small hole once the pond has frozen over. Stop feeding the fish after the water temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water features are a wonderful addition to a backyard space.

If you’d like to add a water feature to your yard, Dreamscape Designers can install the perfect fountain, pond, or waterfall for you. Call us today at 757-412-1265 or email us at


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