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It's Spring Clean Up Time!

Spring weather means you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors enjoying birds chirping, blooming flowers and warmer temperatures. If you’ve recently had landscape work done in your yard, you’ll want to make sure that it looks its best.

Clean up yard debris.

One of the first items on the spring cleanup to-do list is to remove debris from your yard. This includes fallen branches, pine needles, and leftover leaves that have made their way into your yard. Doing this basic cleanup will allow a clean slate to create a beautiful landscape for the spring and summer.

Prune early bloomers.

The first blooms in your yard will likely arrive in early spring. By May, these plants and flowers will be past their peak and are ready to be pruned. Remove dead flowers and cut old branches, as these can invite insects and can lead to disease. Don’t forget to prune old branches close to the ground so that new branches can flourish next season.

Plant seasonal flowers.

May is a great time to plant annual flowers that will add pop to your yard. Popular options include impatiens, begonias, petunias, zinnia, and geraniums. These flowers offer dependable color all season long, while perennial flowers may take a year or two to fully develop.

Lay mulch.

Mulching your flower and garden beds is a must to achieve a great landscape. Mulch helps to conserve water and regulates the temperature so that plants and flowers can grow. It also prevents weeds from growing and taking nutrients from your garden. Mulch can be made of organic materials, like wood chips or shredded leaves, or inorganic materials such as seashells or stone. Aim to lay two to three inches of mulch for the best results.

Inspect edging.

Once you’ve mulched your beds and planted flowers, look at the edging around the bed. Reinforce the bed lines and replace any edging that needs a refresh. Ensuring a distinct edge will prevent mulch from being washed away and your beds from being damaged by lawn equipment.

Assess your need for hardscaping.

Patios, water features, fire pits, and other hardscaping should be checked for damage that may have occurred over the winter. A good way to clean your hardscapes is by power washing your hardscapes, and then spraying vinegar on weeds that may have popped up.

Once your yard is cleaned up, it’s a great time to start thinking about additional landscaping or hardscaping that will make your home a true outdoor oasis.

Dreamscape Designers can help transform your yard into a masterpiece. To learn more, call us at (757) 412-1265 or contact us online.


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