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Key Elements of an Outdoor Living Space

Imagine kicking back with a drink in your hand gazing out on your perfectly landscaped lawn on a warm spring day. This idyllic scene doesn’t have to be a dream, you can make it a reality by giving your backyard a makeover! If you’re ready to update your outdoor living space, now’s the time to start thinking about several key elements:

Gathering Area

Consider how you plan to use your backyard. Will you lounge with friends and talk the night away or do you envision backyard barbeques where your guests will sit down and enjoy a meal? Perhaps you want to create a quiet oasis where you can have your morning cup of coffee as the sun comes up. Your vision will help to inform the design of your new outdoor living space.


Plants, bushes, and flowers add texture to a backyard and can really make your outdoor space shine. Think about whether you would prefer to use native plants that require little upkeep or a colorful garden of flowers that you can tend to throughout the season. If you are close to neighbors, you may want to add tall trees or hedges for more privacy.


Lawn upkeep becomes almost a full time job in the height of growing season. To spend more time relaxing and less time mowing, add artificial turf to your yard. This synthetic grass requires no maintenance, always looks green and lush, and is a safe option for pets and kids. Other options for groundcover include ornamental grasses, gravel, and liriope.

Focal Points

To really make your outdoor living space standout, think about potential focal points that can be added to your yard. A built-in fire pit or fireplace beckons friends and family to gather round, while a pond, waterfall, or water feature adds a soothing ambiance to your yard. Other structures such as pergolas and gazebos provide shade as well as a focal point.


Last but not least, don’t overlook the access points to your outdoor living space. A beautiful walkway goes a long way in elevating the look of the backyard. Stepping stones, pea gravel pavers, or terraced steps are great options to direct the flow of traffic in your backyard.

Make your backyard a place you’ll never want to leave! Call Dreamscape Designers at (757) 412-1265 for a free landscape design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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