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Landscaping a Sloped Yard

A house built on a hill or slope can seem idyllic, but often times the yard that comes with it can be a challenge. Hillside and sloped landscapes are prone to erosion and over time this can compromise your home’s foundation and contribute to excessive runoff. Luckily, with the correct landscaping, you can make your yard beautiful and more stable. There are many landscaping solutions that can benefit a sloped yard:

Adding plants: One of the best ways to combat erosion is to add plants to your yard. Their roots will help keep the soil in place after a rainstorm or disturbance. Groundcovers and native plants can easily get the job done and require little maintenance. You can also grow vegetables in garden beds or to plant flowers and bushes to prevent erosion.

Installing stairs: If you choose to landscape your yard with plants, consider adding stairs to get to more even ground. Stairs in a sloped yard serve as a walkway and to prevent erosion. Stairs can be built with pavers as part of a larger hardscape or installed in more a free form fashion with natural stones.

Creating a tiered hardscape: Using rocks, bricks, pavers, or concrete to create tiers along your steep yard can also help stop erosion. Tiers can be formed in just about any style and size, so they can be customized for your yard. By placing flowers, plants, or rocks in the tiers, you can add beautiful depth and character to your yard.

Adding a waterfall: Take advantage of the slope of your yard to add a waterfall and create your own private oasis. Not only will you get to enjoy the soothing sound and sight of the waterfall, but the materials also used to create it can provide structure to your yard.

Building a retaining wall: A more substantial way to landscape a hill is to cut away part of it and create a retaining wall. This allows the homeowner to enjoy more flat ground while keeping the soil from the hill securely in place. Retaining walls can be made of wood, rocks, concrete, and other materials, allowing you to seamlessly add a wall to match your existing landscaping.

Dreamscape Designers has experience in creating beautiful landscapes in all types of yards, including those on a slope.


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