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Now’s the Time for Outdoor Project Planning

It may be cold and dreary outdoors, but we’re only a few short months away from gorgeous, warm spring weather. To make the most of your yard this year, now’s the time to start planning outdoor projects you’d like to get done. This will allow time to get estimates, create a design, and complete the work. The most popular outdoor projects include:


An outdoor living space brings families and friends together to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty in a comfortable environment. Patios can be big or small, but all require the same basic planning. Homeowners need to decide on a footprint for the patio, what stones or pavers should be used, if any walls or pillars will be included, what type of lighting is desired, and more. The options are endless, so it’s best to finalize a design well before the spring.

Water Feature

To create a calming environment in the backyard, many homeowners opt to install a water feature, such as a waterfall, pond, fountain, or stream. First you should determine the purpose of the water feature; if you want to attract birds a fountain may be best, but if you simply enjoy the ambience of running water a waterfall is a better choice. Other considerations to plan for include drainage, maintenance, and noise level.


While splashing in a pool is fun, enjoying the view from the pool deck may be even better. Updating a poolscapes can dramatically change a pool and make it the envy of the neighborhood. To have a poolscapes installed or renovated before the spring season, start to plan seating areas, pathways, and patios or decking now.

Artificial Turf

If you’ve had it with maintaining your lawn during the growing season, consider installing artificial turf. This low-maintenance grass alternative requires no seeding, watering, fertilizing, or mowing. To install artificial turf, you’ll need to determine what area of the yard will be covered, the type of turf material, color, pile height, and more.

Garden Beds

A beautifully designed landscape goes a long way to increase your home’s curb appeal. If your current garden beds could use a refresh or you need a complete redesign of your landscaping, it’s best to plan now so that work can be done before the spring. Landscaping items to consider include plants, drainage solutions, mulch, retaining walls, and lighting.

Dreamscape Designers has years of experience with patios, water features, hardscapes, landscaping, and more. Schedule a free consultation and make the backyard of your dreams become a reality this year.


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