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Top Five Lawn Alternatives

While grass is the most common covering for a yard, it’s certainly not the only game in town. There are many reasons homeowners prefer other lawn options over grass: maybe your yard isn’t suited for growing lush, green grass, perhaps you want to change up your landscape, or you are trying to cultivate a more eco-friendly environment. If you’re considering a new look for your yard, here are five of the most-used lawn alternatives:

  • Ornamental grasses. There are many varieties of ornamental grasses that grow well in the Virginia Beach area, such as Ravenna grass, deer grass, spikey blue fescue, and striped zebra grass. Ornamental grasses require little water and fertilization. Most grow in clumps and are non-invasive. They can also be separated easily for transplanting.

  • Groundcover. Plants that grow low to the ground are considered groundcovers. Many grow well in the shade, which can help cover parts of your yard that may not support traditional grass well. Try mazus, juniper, or fern moss for a new look in your yard. Other popular groundcovers include pachysandra and Virginia creeper; but beware, these varieties are invasive and can spread to places you may not want them.

  • Clover. This eco-friendly plant is becoming increasingly popular as a lawn alternative. Clover lawns look very similar to traditional grass lawns but are very easy to maintain. Clover doesn’t require as much mowing, suppresses weeds and encourages pollination. These lawns don’t require any chemical maintenance, in fact, chemical treatments typically kill clover.

  • Native shrubs. Expanding your garden bed footprint is a great way to keep color and interest in your yard without the maintenance of a traditional grass lawn. Native perennial shrubs require little upkeep year after year. Check out rhododendrons, summer sweet clethra shrubs, winterberry bushes, and hydrangeas as options for your yard.

  • Artificial turf. Like traditional grass, but without all the work, artificial turf is a great option for a lawn alternative and one of the most popular options in Southeast Virginia. Artificial turf requires no mowing, watering, or weeding, and keeps your yard free from mud, puddles, and insects – it’s a great option for absentee homeowners or rental properties, including Airbnbs and VRBOs. With artificial turf, you can install a putting green, play hours of soccer with the kids, or just enjoy the view.

Dreamscape Designers knows all of the ins and outs of alternative lawn options. If you’re thinking of transforming your yard this spring, call us at (757) 412-1265 today to schedule a consultation.


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