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At Dreamscape Designers we have over 30 years of experience as a Landscape Company. Our gallery is a visual journey through our creative efforts. We showcase our wide variety of designs, from formal hedge gardens to tropical poolscapes. We believe in creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape that is harmonious with the environment.


The modern landscape encompasses many sights, scents and sounds as it changes with the seasons and grows through the years. Plants blossom and leaves change colors, while water features add motion and serve as a focal point in the design. Paths and walkways provide efficient, directed flow of traffic though the landscape while providing minimal disruption and inconvenience. Poolscapes enhance the transition between water and earth. Tropical gardens provide a soothing atmosphere through color and contrast.


These examples show just some of the possibilities for modern landscapes. Many new creative designs are always emerging due to the uniqueness of every location. We are pleased to share some of our creations with you. Enjoy!

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