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Making Your Home Stand Out

If you’re renovating, selling or purchasing a home this year, you may also be taking a look at the other houses in your neighborhood. Many of them probably have similar designs, landscaping and floor plans. Especially in today’s good market, homes are being built as quickly and efficiently as possible, often leaving barely noticeable differences between neighbors. So, what steps can you take to make yours stand out?

There are a few smaller changes you can make throughout your yard to make your home look different without having to complete expensive renovations that can take months. Impress potential buyers, family and friends, and enjoy your space more by adding to the areas around your home to create a unique look!

You can manipulate the appearance of your home’s design and enhance its appeal by using different materials throughout your yard. For instance, adding a walkway with texture and color can transform the front of your home in one easy project. Replacing your standard patio with beautiful stonework and a fun shape can add flair and an upscale look to any ordinary home.

You can also create beautiful outdoor living spaces without knocking down walls in your home, and transform a plain, square yard into your own backyard oasis! Our designers are experts at using flower beds and gardens, pool scapes, outdoor living and water features to change the shape of any backyard and add shade and privacy in a way that fits your style and preferences.

If you already have a garden but are ready for it to be the talk of the block, ask us about sprucing it up by adding some brightly colored seasonal plants for spring and a fresh layer of mulch. Your home will become the envy of the entire neighborhood!

If you’re ready to set your home apart from the rest, give the experts at Dreamscape Designers a call at (757) 412-1265 today to find out about the services we offer to help transform homes.

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