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The Two-Fold Appeal of Low Maintenance Landscapes

When it comes to home and garden design, sometimes less really is more. Incorporating too many elements in your yard can be overwhelming and requires more time and effort to maintain. Shaping your yard into a simpler space provides two big benefits that go hand-in-hand – less time spent working outside to water, trim, weed, mulch, plant, and clean; and more time to enjoy your yard with your family!

Dreamscape Designers provides a variety of landscape design solutions and one concept we particularly like for busy families is low-maintenance landscaping. This approach gives you a beautiful space, without the upkeep often associated with well-designed yards.

Plant Selection

One way to create smarter design in landscapes is to incorporate perennials, drought-resistant plants, and native plants in your garden. Perennials come back year after year, drought-resistant plants can handle less frequent watering, and native plants are naturally suited to your soil and climate. This adds up to less time spent watering, replanting, fertilizing, and caring for your plants. Replacing shrubs and trees that need frequent pruning and trimming with ones that grow more slowly can also assist.


Most often utilized in dry, hot climates, xeriscaping is a technique of landscaping that minimizes the need for watering. Drip irrigation, the use of hardscapes and mulch are all features that may be incorporated into a low-maintenance design. This approach saves time, and can also be very environmentally friendly. Xeriscape design features have the added benefit of protecting plants from erosion, stopping weed growth and helping soil retain moisture.

Reuse, Reduce, & Recycle

No, we aren’t talking about what to do with your garbage. Low maintenance design can involve thinking of your yard space in sections, each with different elements. For example, an acre of land could be repurposed into thirds for a grassy lawn area, a shrub bed, and low maintenance ground cover including stones or a new patio. Thinking in thirds means that any other elements not within these categories can be eliminated.

Our professional landscape designers are well versed in the multitude of plants and techniques that will be best suited to your yard. We can layout visuals of different design ideas before breaking ground, and assist in lighting and other systems.

Contact us today at (757) 412-1265 to see how the professionals at Dreamscape Designers can help make your yard a place for less work and more relaxation!

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