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Important Questions to Ask Your Landscaping Contractor

Your landscaping is an important part of your home. It provides a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, helps reduce noise and maintain privacy, and boosts your property value. If you’re about to embark on a landscaping project, it’s best to have a good handle on the process, materials, and cost so that you’ll be happy with the result. Before you begin your next landscaping project, ask your landscaping contractor the following questions:

How long will the project take? Eliminate any surprises by asking your contractor for a timeline for your project. For larger projects, asking for a daily or weekly schedule can provide you with more clarity. Ask if the schedule takes into consideration weather delays as well.

When will the crew be working on the yard? Know when the crew will arrive and how long they will stay. If you need to speak with the contractor about the job or have questions, you will know when they will be available. In addition, if the job is noisy, this will allow you to make sure it occurs during non-quiet hours.

When is the best time to add plants to my landscaping? Alot of people think that you cannot do landscaping in cold weather. But this is far from the truth here in Virginia. Landscapers can install plants year around. In fact, during cold weather months, the cold allows dormant plants to acclimate. And landscaping during warmer months just requires more watering. So here in Virginia, anytime is a good time to create a new landscape.

How long will it take for plants to reach maturity? While some plants grow quickly, it is important to keep in mind that for most plants that you add to your landscape:

  • the first year is a sleep year

  • the second year is a creep year

  • the third year is a leap year when your plants start to reach their full potential.

Do you have any additional design ideas? Landscape professionals have years of experience, so why not ask them for more ideas? They may offer you a suggestion you hadn’t even thought of that would greatly enhance your landscape.

How much maintenance will be involved? To keep your landscape looking nice, you’ll have to do some level of maintenance. Let your contractor know if you love to garden and work out in the yard or if you prefer a low maintenance landscape. Just remember that low maintenance, does not mean no maintenance. Ask your landscaping professional for a referral or recommendation for a company that sprays for weeds and fertilizes.

What is the estimated cost? As with any home project, always ask your landscape professional for an estimate on your job. If you have specific requirements, ask for them to be detailed in the estimate as well. Also, it it important to ask about plant warranties, and make sure you get the warranty information in writing.

Now is a great time to begin your landscaping project so that your yard will be full of life in the spring. To learn more about our full-service design and installation services, call Dreamscape Designers at (757) 412-1265.


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