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Prepare Your Yard Now to Look Great in the Spring

Let us let you in on a little secret…if you want a great looking yard in the spring and summer, the time to prepare for it is now! Due to its cooler temperatures and mild conditions, fall is the ideal time to spruce up your landscaping, install hardscaping, and give your lawn the TLC it needs. Get ready for a beautiful outdoor space come spring by updating your yard now.

Design and build a new patio. If your yard is lacking a seating area or your current seating area isn’t cutting it anymore, autumn is the perfect time to design and build a patio. Patios can serve multiple purposes—dining, lounging, entertainment—so keep in mind your goal during the design process to make sure that your outdoor space works for you. Our favorite option for patio construction is pavers as they are durable, maintenance-free, customizable, and low cost. Pavers can even be used to create bench seating, outdoor fireplaces, and walkways for a cohesive look.

Refresh your yard with sod. Does your yard have bare spots or is it filled with weeds? Sod is a great option to start anew with lush, green grass. Early to mid-fall is the best time to lay down sod in your yard as the warm soil temperature is ideal for roots to take hold in the soil. This ensures that the sod will be well established before the winter.

Install turf. Another option to update your lawn is to install turf. These days homeowners are turning to artificial turf to enjoy a great looking yard all year long without the hassle of mowing, weeding, and other traditional lawn upkeep. In addition to your general lawn area, turf can be used for playgrounds, dog runs, putting greens, and driveways.

Landscape your yard. Cool temperatures make fall the idea time to plant or transplant flowers, trees, and bushes. Mild conditions allow plants to make a smooth transition into the ground, plus you won’t have to spend as much time watering and caring for them. Plants will have all fall and winter to acclimate to your yard so they can grow and blossom in a big way come spring.

When it comes to landscaping, Dreamscape Designers is the complete package! Our professional team designs and builds landscapes that match your home, surroundings, and lifestyle. With one vision and one team, you’ll be sure to be satisfied with your results. To get started on your landscape project this fall, give us a call at (757) 412-1265 or contact us online.


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