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Fall Landscaping Ideas

The fall season is one of the best times to undertake a landscaping project in your yard. From major renovations like patios and terracing to the simple act of planting new bushes, grasses, and bulbs, the mild and moderate temperatures of the fall allow for quick completion of a job, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy it before the winter comes. Top landscaping projects for the fall include: Hardscaping Adding a hardscape to your yard can drastically improve its appearance and functionality. Patios are a popular choice among homeowners as they can be scaled to the house and customized in just about any way (think multiple levels, built-in wall seats, outdoor kitchens, and more). Built-in firepits and fireplaces are also popular hardscaping projects that are perfect to install in the fall, just in time for cooler weather. Outdoor Lighting With the days getting shorter, fall is a great time to install outdoor lighting around your property. Uplighting can be used to shine a light on bushes, trees, and accent features. Pathway lighting leads you safely along your walkways and wall lights create an ambiance for relaxing and having fun in your backyard. Flood lights and spotlights are also helpful to install to make your home more secure. Planting Cooler temperatures, warm soil, and fewer pests make the fall season ideal for planting. Bushes, shrubs, trees, and bulbs are more likely to successfully take root in autumn. Plus, wetter soil means that you won’t have to water your landscaping as much. Herbs and vegetables also grow particularly well in the fall if you want to try your hand at gardening. For lush, green grass next spring, overseed and fertilize your lawn as needed. Dreamscape Designers has more than 30 years of experience in creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes and hardscapes. Check out our online gallery to view our designs, from poolscapes to flower beds, outdoor lighting, water features and more, and get inspiration for your next landscaping project! If you are ready to start a landscaping project this fall, give us a call at (757) 412-1265.


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