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The Benefits of Pavers

Pavers have many great qualities that make them ideal for countless outdoor projects: they are long lasting, easy to maintain, and are more affordable than other stone options. If you’re looking to enhance your yard this year with a patio, walkway, firepit, or other hardscape, consider pavers to take your project to the next level. The benefits of using pavers in landscaping include:


Pavers are extremely long lasting and have an average life span of 20-25 years, with concrete pavers lasting up to 50 years. Pavers can stand up to all kinds of weather and won’t be affected by unrelenting sun, torrential rain, or ice. They are very resistant to cracks and breaks, so they will look good for years on end.

Low Maintenance

Caring for pavers couldn’t get much easier; all that’s required is regular sweeping and removal of debris. Pavers do not need to be scrubbed or treated with chemicals to maintain their natural look. And since weeds don’t grow through pavers you won’t have to worry about removing them. If a problem does arise with a paver, switching it out with a new one is an easy and inexpensive solution.


Compared to cut stones (such as bluestone, limestone, or slate), concrete pavers are a much more affordable option for hardscapes. When you add in the extended life span of pavers, as well as their stress-free maintenance, the investment is well worth it.


Pavers allow the homeowner to create the custom hardscape of their dreams. Pavers are great for patios, walkways, firepits, wall benches, water features, garden walls, steps, and much more. By using pavers, you can make sure that all the elements of your yard come together as a cohesive design.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Pavers make for a picture-perfect landscape. They are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and shapes. Pavers can also be placed in different patterns such as herringbone, basketweave, stacked or running bond, and parquet. No matter what style you’re going for—modern, rustic, classic, etc.—your backyard will look great!

Dreamscape Designers can help turn your backyard into your own personal oasis using pavers. Give us a call today at (757) 412-1265 or contact us online to learn more about our services and to schedule a free consultation.


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