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Seven Reasons Why You Should Work With a Landscape Architect

Hiring a landscape architect could be one of the smartest investments you make for your property. With expert knowledge on a multitude of topics, landscape professionals are masters of a very detailed craft. Knowledge on soil types, PH levels, planning for plant growth, blending soft and hardscapes, incorporating levels on sloped terrain and planning for irrigation leaves a lot of room for error when homeowners attempt to tackle landscaping on their own.

Working with an expert architect for your yard will ensure high-quality results that will last.

A landscape architect will take into account the correct placement for plants based on many factors. Homeowners can become frustrated with uncooperative plants. However, the problem might not be the lack of a green thumb, but simply not having the proper knowledge. This is where the guidance and expertise of a landscape architect can be beneficial.

Here are seven benefits of working with a landscape company:

1. Site Analysis – Your yard is unique, and you need an expert who understands this and is able to look at your space from all angles and levels.

2. Knowing What Works – Just because an idea you’ve seen in a magazine or at a friend’s house looks pretty, doesn’t mean it will work well in your yard. A professional landscape company will provide a design that will suit your particular environment.

3. Planning Based on Experience – Tapping into an architect’s years of experience means you can work together to create a plan that is realistic and sustainable.

4. Sticking to a Budget – Creating a realistic cost estimate will help decide whether to complete the project all at once or phase it over a few years, including what to tackle first.

5. Contractor Connections – These relationships are very useful for any construction needs in addition to landscaping.

6. Project Management – Having an architect close at hand throughout the project will provide a comfort that you are in good hands if unforeseen problems arise.

7. Artistic Process – Landscape design is an art form, and who better to trust with your canvas of a yard than a seasoned artist!

At Dreamscape Designers, we have over 30 years of experience as a landscape company. We believe in creating a visually pleasing landscape that is harmonious with the natural environment and our client’s unique style. When ordinary isn’t satisfactory, give Dreamscape Designers a call at 757-412-1265.

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