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What’s on Your Wish List?

The holiday season is finally here! We know how busy the next few months can be with gift shopping, hosting family and friends, and holiday dinners. However, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself and consider your own wish list as we head into November.

Often when thinking about our home, we want to impress guests, the neighbors or potential buyers. As the current resident, though, you are the one who sees your home every day. Your home and yard should look the way you’d like them to be! Take a look at these areas of your yard and decide what is on your wish list this holiday season:

Poolscape: Does your pool not quite live up to the personal oasis you always imagined? During the summer, beaches are crowded and never as relaxing as we hope, and your pool can be the perfect swimming spot right in your backyard! If making your pool the perfect outdoor escape is at the top of your wish list, now is the time to start planning! With the help of our experts, you can customize a pool space for your own style, creating a place for relaxation or fun family time.

Outdoor living space: Do you love spending time outdoors but don’t have an area in your yard that allows for socializing? Do you dream of having a nice, shady area that fits your style to dine under during cool nights? If the answer is yes, an outdoor living space should be on your wish list.

Landscapes & flower beds: If you’ve ever felt envious of neighbor’s or friend’s yards because of their landscaping or flower beds, you should add this to your wish list. Everyone dreams of having a home surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, and you can make your yard the outdoor escape you’ve always imagined!

During the holiday season, be sure to think of your own wish list as well! If you’re ready to finally have the outdoor space you deserve, call Dreamscape Designers at (757) 412-1265 to speak with one of our specialists.

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