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Spring Is Here! Three Outdoor Tasks For The New Season

Finally, the cold, dark days of winter are over! March is the month where flowers and trees are starting to bloom, grass is becoming greener and we get an extra hour of daylight. However, it also means that the seasons of outdoor tasks and lawn care have arrived – more growth means more maintenance. If you’re excited to spend that extra hour in the sun, here are a few outdoor tasks to get you started in the new season:

  1. Assess your landscaping needs. When was the last time you took a walk around your yard and really looked at everything? Assessing winter damage that occurred during this year’s cold temperatures and snow is the first step to creating the perfect spring and summer garden. Next, take a look at the areas you'd like to update or change and make note of them.

  2. Start your garden. Whether you want to redesign a bed or two, or are adding completely new beds of spring flowers to increase curb appeal, now is the time to gather your materials and get started. Give us a call if you’re ready to add some colorful flowers or plants to your landscaping!

  3. Start on your outdoor space. If you want to enjoy warm days outside, start on your outdoor space early. What items were you missing out on last year? A paved patio to avoid tracking mud indoors? A shady space to cool off during summer heat? More seating around your pool? You’ve made the plans, and now it’s time to put them to action.

If you want to go a little more in-depth with your landscape planning than a few flowers and shrubs, Dreamscape Designers Landscape Company is the place to call. We have been creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients for years, and have the experience to do the same thing for you. Just give us a call at 757-412-1265 for a free consultation and estimate on your project.

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