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Beat The Heat: Backyard Tricks To Stay Cool

Summer has arrived early, and the high temperatures and humidity have returned to the East Coast. While it may feel unbearable under the heat of the sun on most afternoons, you probably know what a difference even a small shady spot under a tree can make. For homeowners with bare backyards, summer may mean less time spent outdoors - not more. If the heat is already getting to you, consider these tricks to stay cool:

Plan For The Future

What is better than laying out under a tree on a hot summer day, relaxing in the shade and seeing the leaves dance around in the breeze? If your yard is looking empty and the outside of your home seeming plain, adding trees and landscaping is one of the best things you can do to keep cool and increase curb appeal. Remember - trees take time to grow, so plan for the future by planting them now.

Control Your Coverage

While the added shade from trees can be nice, they don’t offer complete protection from the sun. If you’re one to spend lots of time in your backyard for outdoor dining, pool time or barbecues, you can control your sun coverage more with an outdoor living space. There are endless options when it comes to pergolas, umbrellas and patio covers to help you find the perfect balance of sunshine and shade.

The Placebo Effect

Doesn’t a well-landscaped park with fountains and benches feel better than an open, grassy field on a hot summer day? The same goes for your backyard! While a water feature isn’t the best option to dip your feet into, and flowers may not gently fan the sweat away, they can certainly help create a more pea

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