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Summer Cleanup: 3 Tasks To Complete Before Fall

It’s finally time to admit it: summer is over. Kids are back in school, the sun is setting earlier and fall is just around the corner. For homeowners, this also means it’s time to prepare for colder weather, both inside the home and around it. After a summer full of sunshine and fun, don’t forget to complete a few tasks before the calm relaxation of fall can begin:


If you had a vegetable garden or planted annuals for summer, it’s likely that you’ve harvested the last of your produce and the once vibrant flowers are beginning to die off. You may also have weeds that need to be pulled before the ground starts to harden with colder weather, and may even want to trim back trees and overgrown bushes while hurricane season is still in full swing.

Plan Ahead.

Some of the most beautiful spring flowers are those that can be planted in the fall. Now is a great time to pick out a few perennials to enjoy a colorful garden after summer has ended, and again for the first signs of spring. With more consistent weather and warm soil, your flowers will have better conditions in the fall to start off strong than they would in the spring where in Virginia, snowfall seems to happen long past the winter months.

Get Ready For Cooler Temperatures.

Why not enjoy your backyard for dinners, social gatherings and fall fun? Your yard may have served you well for kicking around the soccer ball and grilling out, but does it have a fire pit and seating for toasting marshmallows and staying warm? What about outdoor lighting to guide your way and keep you safe as the evenings grow darker?

If you are ready to transform your backyard for fall, it’s time for a landscape makeover from Dreamscape Designers. Not only will you have a perfectly manicured lawn, we can also help you design an amazing outdoor space just right for you. To find out more about this opportunity, give us a call today at 757-412-1265.

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