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The Ease of Working With Professionals

The month of October often signifies a big shift for most families: the holidays will arrive sooner than you expect, and summer has officially passed. It’s time to wind down and get ready for the fall’s earlier sunsets and new activities. While it may still be mild in Virginia, temperatures are starting to cool and now through the remainder of the year is perfect for spending time outdoors relaxing, or socializing with friends and family.

October is also the month of frights, but your backyard should only be spooky with the help of decorations - not because of overgrowth or old, cracked pavers. Thankfully, a trusted local landscaping professional can help you get your property looking great in a timely manner, without the stress of finding the right products or DIY errors.

We know it can feel scary to open your yard (and wallet) and trust others to bring your vision to life - but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few benefits to hiring a professional:

  1. Knowledge of local flora and climate. The internet and magazines may be helpful for general design ideas, but a local professional will have knowledge of which plants and shrubs thrive in your area, and work well together. A landscape pro will also be more helpful when it comes to local climate and protecting your home and yard from erosion and other weather-related issues.

  2. The right paperwork. Does your city or neighborhood have restrictions when it comes to landscaping and maintenance? Do they require permits for building walkways, walls and fences? A local expert will either have prior knowledge that can help you get the right permits before they arrive, and make sure the job gets done with no interruptions.

  3. Ease on future jobs. It’s likely that you always visit the same hairdresser, doctor and dentist because they are familiar to you and make your trip easier - the same concept works for contractors and landscape design, too! This is especially helpful if you have big plans to transform your backyard, but want to take your time and finish the project over a few months or even years.

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