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Ideas For A Small Backyard

Many homeowners dream of big backyards with lots of space to raise children, room to let pets roam free or create the outdoor oasis they've always wanted. If you live in a home in Virginia Beach or the Hampton Roads area with limited backyard space, you may feel like these dreams are unattainable. However, a smaller backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful landscaping that makes you excited to come home to each day or have guests over.

Here are a few ideas to help make this dream come true:

Create different levels.

If you have a longer, narrow backyard, creating varying levels with a deck, concrete patio or stone can make the space more interesting to the eye and give you zones for entertaining, relaxing and outdoor dining. The same technique can be used around swimming pools and water features. You can also create different levels within your garden using raised beds or boxes.

Grow up instead of out.

You don’t have to sacrifice landscaping and flowerbeds to save space. Plants that grow up (including on a trellis or other structure) instead of out can bring more green and bright colors to your space without taking up more space in the existing grassy areas. The right plants and shrubs for our Coastal Virginia climate can also give you more privacy and easy maintenance.

Trade the grass for pavers.

If your biggest focus is outdoor entertainment, you may want to use the entire space just for that. If you don’t have a child or pet who needs soft grass to play, covering your backyard entirely with well-designed pavers, concrete and gravel can give you the perfect space for outdoor dining, grilling or even a hot tub or pool. This approach works particularly well when paired with raised beds around a swimming pool in a smaller backyard.

Extend your outdoor lighting.

Make your backyard feel larger at night by adding more outdoor lighting to the outer corners, along pathways and near seating areas. If you have a long, narrow backyard, this can also help it feel less scary after dark.

The designers at Dreamscape work with backyards of all shapes and sizes to help our clients create their dream space at home. Give us a call at (757) 412-1265 to learn more about the services we offer.

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