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Top 3 Landscaping Projects to Maximize Your Return on Investment

As a homeowner, you likely consider the ROI, or return on investment, when considering a home-improvement project - especially if you plan to eventually sell your home. Putting your money toward an interior renovation or exterior makeover that potential buyers will also be looking for means that not only do you get more enjoyment from your home, you may also make much of that money back when you do sell.

Landscaping is one area that almost always pays off, if you do it right. Here are the top three landscaping projects to maximize on your return on investment, and enjoyment:

Landscape Design

A well-thought out landscape design. A great first impression can go a long way, and great landscaping designs catch the eye of anyone passing by. However, not all landscaping will result in a good return on your investment. If the landscaping doesn’t match the design of your home, or is too high-maintenance, it may actually be more work for the next owner. Work with a local professional who knows what trends are popular in your area and what will look great with your home’s architecture for years to come. Just because it looks good in a magazine, doesn’t mean it’s right for your home, neighborhood or our Virginia Beach climate.

Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space. Adding a new patio, deck or outdoor kitchen can earn you anywhere from a 60-80% ROI, according to the 2018 Remodeling Impact Survey. An outdoor living space adds functionality to your backyard, expands your living space and increases livability. You’ll enjoy your outdoor space more through all the Virginia seasons. And, your won’t regret the investment when it’s time to sell!

Fire Pit

A fire pit. Now more than ever we are spending more time at home in our own backyards - why not add the features you’ve always wanted, especially with fall approaching? A beautiful, professionally-installed fire feature will be much more appealing to buyers than a DIY pit that will require clean-up later on. A fire pit is an area where DIY never looks as good as you hope, but a well-designed pit will naturally integrate with the rest of your space.

If you are ready to improve your home with outdoor landscaping, hardscaping or other features, the experts at Dreamscape Designers are ready to turn your ideas into a reality! Give us a call at (757) 412-1265 to find out about the services we offer.

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