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Enjoy Your Summer More with Artificial Grass

Nothing is worse than waking up on a hot summer day and realizing your lawn needs to be mowed when you have other plans. The mosquitoes are back in full force, humidity has returned, and you’d much rather be relaxing in the shade or enjoying the pool or beach on your day off - not doing lawn maintenance. If any of your neighbors have artificial turf, you know how great it looks. It’s green all of the time, and perfectly soft for outdoor fun. But, did you know about the other benefits? Here’s how an artificial lawn can help you enjoy your summer more:

Less work and more time for fun!

With an artificial lawn, there is no need for mowing! Did you know that with the average push mower, it takes most people over 90 minutes to mow their lawn? That includes the time to prepare the mower, cleaning up afterward and edging and related efforts. In Virginia, most lawns need to be mowed weekly in the spring, and bi-weekly in the summer. That’s hours of your time spent maintaining your grass, when you could be enjoying a great book, golfing or spending time with family. Artificial turf means you have more time for fun not only because you get to skip mowing, but you’ll also never have to spend time watering, weeding or aerating again.

More ways to have fun.

With all of that extra time for summer fun, you’ll now have the space for it as well! Artificial turf is the best option for outdoor fun at home, like putting greens, soccer play areas and picnics. Plus, you won't have to worry about these activities killing the grass and causing patchy spots that need reseeding later on.

Say goodbye to pet stains.

If you have dogs, there’s a good chance you have brown patches that never recover from your favorite pup doing their business on their favorite spot. Say goodbye to unsightly patches of dead or dying grass for good!

Did you know that Dreamscape Designers now offers artificial turf installation for residential and commercial properties? Call (757) 412-1265 today to schedule a consultation about your landscape ideas, and discover what is possible.

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