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Five Popular Plants for Shady Yards

Landscaping doesn’t have to be limited to sunny spots to create a beautiful, thriving yard. In fact, plants that do well in low light are often preferred so that homeowners can have the natural shade trees can provide as protection from the hot summer sun. Want to spruce up your landscaping and beautify your home? Here are five popular plants that love shade:

Ferns. Ferns are a great way to supplement beds that are located in very shady areas under tree canopies. They are especially great for areas of Virginia with large deer populations, as deer are not usually interested in them.

Hostas. If you’re looking to add some color variety to your landscaping, but don’t want to fill it with flowering shrubs that aren’t always in bloom, the hosta has beautiful foliage that can tolerate deep shade.

Japanese Forest Grass. If you have an area with partial shade that you’d like to fill easily, this ornamental grass (Hakonechloa) can grow large over time and is a beautiful addition to any garden bed.

Begonias. If you enjoy having perennials that bloom in the spring, letting you know that brighter, warmer days are arriving, Begonias are a great option for shady yards. They require little sunlight throughout the day, meaning you can place them in those areas that the sun rarely hits directly.

Virginia bluebells. Another colorful perennial, this flower is native to Virginia, and planting them in your garden can help keep its population growing. They should be planted in partial shade, so they would look great and impress neighbors when placed in front yard garden beds that see some sun at certain parts of the day.

Of course, the best way to fill your yard with beautiful landscaping is to consult an expert who is familiar with plants that thrive in shade, and in your local climate. Contact Dreamscape Designers today at (757) 412-1265 to learn more about our landscape design services and discover how working with a landscape designer can transform your home and outdoor spaces.


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