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Backyard Upgrades for Outdoor Entertaining

With cooler days ahead, relaxing in your backyard will soon be much more enjoyable than it was in the sweltering heat. Want your yard to be the go-to spot for outdoor get-togethers? Add landscape and design features that will make your backyard comfortable and fun for your guests.

Seating Areas

A dedicated seating area helps conversation flow when entertaining guests in your backyard. Consider the number of people you typically expect to host and plan a patio or deck that can comfortably seat them. Install a bench wall around the area for times when you have more guests than chairs.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf gives you all of the benefits of a beautiful green lawn, with little maintenance. Whether you're trying to protect your lawn from digging pets, adding a space for outdoor recreation, or just trying to save water, artificial turf can transform your backyard. If you can imagine it in grass, the team at Dreamscape Designers can make it happen with artificial turf!

Water Features

Water features are a great way to set a peaceful tone for the evening. The soothing sound of water will help you and your guests relax and will mask nearby noise. It will also add visual interest to your yard. Imagine your backyard with a pond, waterfall, or fountain, and install the feature you like best.

Fire Pit

Brisk autumn nights practically beg to be spent around a fire. A built-in fireplace or fire pit area provides a safe and comfortable spot for friends and family to share stories and laughs. In addition to chairs, bench walls can also be used around fire pits areas for extra seating.


The right lighting creates an inviting space when entertaining outdoors. Decorative lights provide an ambiance in your seating area, while garden lights showcase your plants and landscaping. Walkway lights are also important to make it easy for your guests to find their way at night. For decks and steps, solar lights can be mounted on railings or stair risers to brighten dark places.

Ready to start entertaining outdoors?

Contact Dreamscape Designers today at 757-412-1265 or email us at to learn more about our landscape design services and discover how working with a landscape designer can transform your home and outdoor space.


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