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Brighten Up Winter with Colorful Plants

The winter months can be cold and dreary, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to follow suit! A wide variety of hearty trees and bushes can be planted so that your garden provides colorful blooms even as the weather gets colder. By working with a professional landscaper like Dreamscape Designers, you can find the perfect greenery that will thrive on your property.


Camellias—known as the queen of winter flowers—are dense, evergreen shrubs that produce beautiful blooms in shades of red, pink, or white. Some camellia varieties are long blooming and produce flowers from late fall through early spring. When planted in the right spot, camellias require little maintenance.

Firethorn Firethorn (the common name for pyracantha) is an evergreen shrub that grows bunches of red and orange berries in the fall. Lasting throughout the winter, the berries are a bright addition to an otherwise dormant landscape. Tall-growing varieties can be planted as barrier hedges while other types of firethorn can be strung on a trellis. As implied in their name, firethorn bushes have thorns and should be planted away from where children and pets play.

Red Twig Dogwood The color from a red twig dogwood tree doesn’t come from flowers, but rather from its stems. Once the leaves from the red twig dogwood drop in the fall, the green stems turn red and provide a vibrant color for your yard. Groupings of red twig dogwoods are very impactful, however it’s important to space them appropriately to avoid overcrowding.

Winterberry Holly The bright red berries on the winterberry holly bush arrive each fall after the leaves have fallen from the plant. The plump berries stand out among the dark colors of winter and can be cut for floral arrangements. These berries aren’t safe for human consumption but will attract birds to your yard. Winterberry holly bushes do well when male and female plants are paired together; your landscape professional can guide you in planting them correctly.

“Kaleidoscope” Abelia An ornamental shrub, “kaleidoscope” abelia turns from a golden color in the spring and summer to an orange-red color in the fall and winter. The small, dense bush is frost, drought and deer-resistant, making it a popular choice among landscape professionals.

Ready to brighten up your outdoors? Many colorful winter trees and shrubs can be planted in late fall, so act now! Contact Dreamscape Designers today at (757) 412-1265 or to add a punch of color in your garden this winter.


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