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I'm Dreaming...of a Warm Summer

Cold winter days may have you cooped up inside, but it’s only a matter of months until you’ll be back outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Now is the perfect time to start planning outdoor projects so that they will be completed by the time warm weather hits. Follow these steps to achieve your outdoor living dreams:

  1. Compile your ideas. You probably have a basic idea of what you want your outdoor space to look like and how it should function. Browse home magazines and internet sites to get inspired by what others have done in their yards. Make a list or put together a vision board so you can incorporate everything you love into your outdoor space.

  2. Set a budget. Every project needs a budget. Do some online research to get a rough idea of how much it will cost to complete your outdoor job. Keep in mind that costs may vary after you meet with contractors. Create a budget and determine how you will pay for the project.

  3. Hire a designer. Now is the time to reach out to local design-build landscape contractors, like Dreamscape Designers, and get quotes. Late winter and early spring schedules fill up quickly. If you’d like to have your outdoor space completed by late spring or summer, the earlier you can get your job on the books the better.

  4. Develop a timeline. Work with your contractor to create a timeline for the project. Inform your contractor of any hard deadlines, for example, if you need your outdoor space to be completed before a graduation party in June. Be sure to add in enough time to accommodate potential weather delays and any other unexpected interruptions.

  5. Purchase furniture and décor. Supply chain delays are real, and you don’t want to be stuck with a gorgeous outdoor space but with nowhere to sit and enjoy it. Once you schedule your project, get the dimensions of your space and order tables, seating, rugs, and other items as soon as possible.

At Dreamscape Designers, helping homeowners achieve beautiful outdoor living spaces is what we love to do. Contact us today at (757) 412-1265 or to start planning your project!


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