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Keep Your Home Bright this Winter

When the sun sets at 5 pm, the best way to keep your home bright is to light it up! No, we don’t mean leaving your holiday lights up until March, though that is certainly one way to brighten your home. There is a better way to add an extra level of home security, and extend your time spent outdoors - landscape lighting. Getting home from work after the sun goes down is one of the toughest parts of winter, but the right lighting can make it a lot better.


Outdoor lighting is a great option for driveways and walkways to light the way home. In areas like Virginia that receive a lot of rain with freezing temperatures throughout the winter months, a well-lit path can also be the solution to preventing slips and falls on icy pavers and porch steps. You’ll be able to see icy patches more easily to avoid them.


Outdoor lighting is not only perfect for those warmer winter nights by the firepit, but will also come in handy during the summer months. For outdoor parties, lined around the pool and landscaped flower and shrub beds, outdoor landscape lighting can improve visibility and keep guests comfortable even after the sun goes down.


Increasing visibility around your home isn’t just for you. It’s also for intruders - or rather, keeping them away! According to studies, if you have neighbors nearby, outdoor lighting is effective for deterring potential theft and break-ins. Not only is there potential for someone else to see, but it can prevent others from targeting your home in the first place.

Did you know that Dreamscape Designers offers outdoor landscape lighting? Whether it’s on your walkways, or around the perimeter of your property, we’ve got you covered! Call us today at 757-412-1265 for a free estimate.


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