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The Secret to a Green Lawn — Year Around

Nothing is more beautiful than Virginia in the autumn, when the leaves turn orange and begin falling, and the air becomes crisp and cool. However, cooler temperatures also unfortunately mean that soon your lawn will turn brown and the grass will be dormant until spring, when the weather warms once again. The curb appeal of your home often depends on your landscaping, including the lawn itself. Why not extend the season of green grass to year-round? We have a secret on how to keep your lawn pristine, even in the winter…

Unsurprisingly, you can’t actually keep your grass growing beautiful and green throughout the colder seasons. However, you can choose the alternative option: replacing it with artificial turf. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you would enjoy “fake” grass, consider these benefits:

Little To No Maintenance

Once the initial installation is complete, you’ll never have to water your grass or cut the lawn again. Artificial turf is the best option out there for homeowners who are ready to relax, and not worry about hiring someone to regularly care for their lawn. It can also help you save water and reduce your utility costs.


Say goodbye to dead patches and overgrowth! With a synthetic lawn, you don’t have to worry about leaving a piece of furniture on the grass too long, pets tearing up the grass or letting the grass grow too tall.

A Green Lawn — Year Round

Now, to the best part: a luscious green lawn, even in the winter. Virginia experiences mild temperatures, even into January, and many homeowners like to spend their time outdoors. Enjoy the view of a beautiful lawn year-round with artificial turf, and make your neighbors jealous.

Did you know that Dreamscape Designers now offers artificial turf installation for residential and commercial properties? Call today to schedule a consultation about your landscape ideas, and discover what is possible.

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